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    Authentic Representation Of Africa And The Diaspora.

AfricologytvheaderAfricology TV provides a full scale of innovative programming of Music, Lifestyle and Culture from Africa and the African Diaspora, inspiring a new wave of interest in development. Having established our presence on the ground, internet and radio networks, we are able to keep our eyes and ears on the pulse of the continent to find what is relevant and current. With significant experience, a dynamic team and an original concept, we are growing with the potential to blitz into a imperative force in the multi-media world.

MEET THE ARTIST:  Introducing the latest talent out of Africa and the diaspora with inside stories from the artist’s eye highlighting the accomplishments of generations of Africans on their journey through the arts.
AFRICOLOGY RADIO:  Bringing the sounds from the continent unified on one station.  Africology Radio provides a unique listening experience from continental voices to an international audience.  Collaborating with various networks, we broadcast innovative programming from cultural capitals around the world.

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We have chosen “PRO-HUMANITY” as our motto.  AFRICOLOGY is convinced that a sustainable venture must pay attention to philanthropic endeavors. We believe that our business can make a difference in lives across the globe. We are confident and hope that the roots we have planted will grow and develop in tandem with our institutional capacity.

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