Tsedi Releases Music Video for “Sew Sew New”

A World Premiere here, on Africology

Tsedi is no stranger to Oakland’s music scene. Charting her way in 2018, she embarked on a melodic journey beyond the borders of Oakland. Earlier this year, the “world fusion style” singer-songwriter went global, unveiling her talent to the world. “Sew Sew New” translating in Amharic to “People are People”, as a first taste from her upcoming debut EP is a wave of warm sonic bliss. Fueled by her cultural inheritance and love for music, the soulful first new cut sung in English and Amharic appears to express Tsedi’s Ethiopian tradition. “This is a song of Ethiopian proverbs handed down from generation to generation”, Tsedi explains. “Wise words to nurture the mind, protect the heart, and strengthen the soul”.

But what makes her first single so great is the music video that vividly reflects Tsedi’s music style and aesthetic choices. Accompanying her sultry sound is a colorful music video honoring her culture – a purposeful construction styled with regal outfit choices presenting the magic, pride and beauty of culture.

A cool vibe with plenty of aesthetically pleasing imagery, Sew Sew New is an ode to cultural wisdom with a promise to elevate her listeners.

By: Amira Ali