On Saturday July 15th, we had the chance to check out an Artist we have been following for a while. That artist is none other Shatta Wale a Ghanaian born producer and reggae-dancehall musician. He is best known for his biggest breakthrough hit song “Dancehall King” which led to winning the Artist of the Year at the 2014 edition of the Ghana Music Awards.

Pic by Tesfalem Abera

It was our first time checking out a show at Karma located in the North East of Washington D.C. and we were curious to see if the crowd would come through. Although the show was of to a late start it was totally worth the wait. The venue started to fill up as Dj Akuaa and Dj Black Star rocked the place with sweet sounds from the Motherland. The anticipation for “Africa’s King of Dancehall” was clearly evident while the crowd danced, drank and cheered.

Copyright Karma D.C

Prior to the headliner we got to check out artists such as Bizzy B, Currency, Izzy Zick, Rison, Slim B and Dfizzy. Once Shatta came on the stage the crowd was charged up to electrifying levels. The sound system and lighting of the venue being on point was a plus as well.


Pic by Tesfalem Abera

It was clearly visible Shatta felt the love from the crowd as his performance reflected the energy levels of his fans. At one point during his performance he climbed the speaker rig that had us worried for his safety but he was back on the stage uninjured. (check out Mahama Paper video below for clip)

Pic by Tesfalem Abera

His performance included tons of hit songs too many for us to list down. However the songs that stood out for us were Hosanna, Baby (Chop Kiss), Taking Over, Mahama Paper and Ayoo. Shatta Wale is not only holding down Ghana in the genre of African Dancehall but the whole continent. Much love and success to you brother man.

Special thanks to Fifi of DMV GH/Croffie Events. Ghana was definitely in the building and it takes a lot of planning and hard work to execute a show like this.

Hosanna – Baby (Chop Kiss)

Taking Over

Mahama Paper



Enjoy Shatta Wale’s two latest music videos Ayoo and Taking Over!


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