This video for me was about expressing the intricacies of being a woman, a truly perplexing subject.

Constantly having to choose between what one wants for herself and what society expects. But then again, who is society if not you and me?

These alternating characters represent our “good” vs “evil”, “rebellious” vs “conforming” , “spiritual” vs “fleshly” sides and the continual moment of choice knowing fully well that there are repercussions to bear. The domino effect of choices against the firm resolve to defend the ones freedom to choose.

In Pi lo Lo, FYFYA WOTO finds herself conflicted,yes, but in the comfort of peace in her resolve to live.

She is a woman, fully alive and blossoming. Free to make her own mistakes and find her own path. She exercises her right to be Queen and assert her rull especially when it relates to her body, her temple and her soul.

-In this series she takes the form of a woman but I think and hope this is something humanity as a whole can relate to.

Music Produced by Jonas Rendbo , Jojo Abot

Directed By Jojo Abot
Cinematography Ako Kurnosenko , Mishael Phillip
Edited by Jojo Abot , Ako Kurnosenko