Meet Patricia Kihoro! Singer, Actress, and Spurr-a-tick blogger from Nairobi, Kenya.

Patricia Kihoro – Who is Patricia? I’m not so sure myself, but I am keen to keep discovering, which is something I do every single day. How I react to and relate to the world around me gives me a far deeper insight into myself than any psychological test ever did, so the fact that I find the killing of livestock purely for our consumption terrible, but at the same time find a well done steak or burger so ridiculously delicious, confuses me sometimes.

I enjoy a lot of things, singing, acting, taking photographs, being on stage doing both, entertaining and making people laugh, and myself laughing till I cry. I’ve unfortunately been feeling uncertain about sharing all this, which has resulted in fewer posts, and hoards of writing/images and music stockpiled on my drives. Shame.

I am easily distracted, I procrastinate horribly and fall in love deeply. My mind takes me on such epic adventures, both when I’m awake and asleep, and till today I’m not sure which of my childhood memories were dreams and which were lived. Add to that the thousands of books that I read growing up and I can assure you I could regale you with spectacular tales of my “childhood”. Yes, I climbed a magical tree, owned duelling crickets and had a friend with a moon for a head. Don’t try to convince me otherwise, thank you.

My dreams are another story all together.

Film Crew:
Sirak Getachew
Buddha Blaze
Theodora Johnson

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