Oral Literature in Dance and Preserving the Culture of the Ashanti People

A Documentary Film Written by Rebekah A. Frimpong

Produced By Joshua B. Alafia Directed By Rebekah A. Frimpong

Fiscally Sponsored By Dance Films Association

ADOWA is a documentary film written by Rebekah A. Frimpong, and is about oral literature in dance and preserving the culture of the Ashanti people of Ghana. ADOWA will be shot on location in Ghana this October and will capture the beauty of the traditional funeral dance called Adowa of the Ashanti people. The film explores how the Adowa dance came to be and the tradition and history behind this dance using language, music, and the movements of the Adowa dance to reveal the story. Frimpong is an award winning filmmaker and published poet who spends her spare time as a mentor to youth and as a community activist fighting for women’s rights and global health issues. With ADOWA, Frimpong hopes to expand upon the idea of preserving history and culture by using film as the medium for traditional oral storytelling.  Frimpong also wants to create a film that really shows the beauty of African culture and show dance on film in a poetic and fluid way. Working with Dance Films Association as the fiscal sponsor for this film, and 20 year novice independent filmmaker Joshua B. Alafia as producer, Frimpong will be working on unfolding the story behind the treasured dance of Adowa.

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