Africology works with and Endorses Ethiopian Skateworks Project

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SKATEWORKS PROJECT is a children’s development project group devoted for the development of co-educational learning facilities for street children in Ethiopia built around skateboarding.  Our central project is the construction of a school for Ethiopian street children that bridges the gap between the street and organised education. SKATEWORKS consists of a school built around a skateboard park that provides daily English, IT, General trade, Art, Music and Skateboarding classes. It is the combination of these skills that will help street children to gain employment, feel positive about them selves and give them the communication and goal setting skills to move forward into formal education and to earn a living as a functional part of Ethiopian society.The motivational aspect of skateboarding and having a place specifically designed for youth and by youth is in drastic need so as to give unity and connection for children and youth in a continent like Africa that is ever dividing. The more common ground we can create with youth, the stronger the foundation for one Ethiopia.

“Together we ride, divided we fall” laying a solid foundation for effecting change by children and youth rolling on common ground. “Skate brothers” instead of socially disconnected youth suffering through ethnic and economic barriers. Connecting beyond there differences with one powerful and simple tool, the skateboard. The little wooden bridge for children that builds the foundations for the growth of one Ethiopia and a safe, prosperous place to live. There is no point constructing hospitals and educational facilities only. You need a foundation of unified strength of which to build this on. A Meseret as they say in Amharic ( Ethiopian), it means foundation stone. Around this central Skateboard facility we are then able to attach language and educational facilities that motivate and give youth the tools to reach there goals and set even higher ones. No matter what ethnic background or what part of Ethiopia they come from. Addis Ababa is 3500 meters above sea level so ” Unity out of thin air” Recycle your children’s memories so that they may replace the ones that these children would rather forget…Recycled Fun is a sub project of the SKATEWORKS

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