Living in the times of alternative facts and censorship, we tend to forget others who shares this planet with us with a unique prospective and culture. Along with the Humanities of New York, Siren the protectors of the rain-forest and Africology, we will be presenting a weekly production of events introducing African nations and unique culture to the general New York City public. 

This Week we will be featuring the North African Nation of Niger,

NIGER -a landlocked western African country. It is bounded on the northwest by Algeria, on the northeast by Libya, on the east by Chad, on the south by Nigeria and Benin, and on the west by Burkina Faso and Mali


History plays a huge role in how we identify ourselves. In the end, who are you if you don’t know anything about where you come from, about your origins, your family, your language, your own culture? Understanding who we are is one of life’s biggest mysteries and can help us better relate to others when we understand our own historical contribution. Most people are taught history in a way that makes it seem like the history of Africans and their descendants began with slavery. This unfortunately, enables people to see Africa as a place that has always been ridden with poverty and suffering.

To combat the scarcity of African history in the US, Siren – Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc., Africology, NYHumanities and the Bedford Stuyvesant Residents Association, Inc. will be presenting a one to two hour weekly event to acquaint the residents of New York City with Africa, its people, its history, it’s culture and its present day economy.

We plan on presenting Niger on August 28th, 2017, on the 30th floor of the African Burial Ground Memorial Pavilion located across from the Federal building in lower Manhattan. The African Burial Ground National Monument, located at the corners of Duane and Elk Streets in lower Manhattan, is operated by the National Park Service. Hailed as the most important archaeological find of the 20th century, the African Burial Ground Monument is an important reminder of Africas early presence in New York City history.

The four main components of this event will be Discussion on Niger’s history, Music, Arts and Food.

Join us on August 28th, 2017 as we celebrate one of the most resilient nations on the planet.  Due to the fact that we are having this event at a federal building, we are required to submit a list by the end of business day today, Thursday, August 24th at 3pm