Calming waves , reflecting a sunset with blunt orange hues fading into golden luminous rays. But even that cannot begin to describe the immense beauty of, Bulago Island. Located on Lake Victoria, or Nalubale as the Uganda locals call it. Is a private island we had the luxury of being on for, a village hut’s event, Kelele Ku Nalubale #NoiseOnTheLake.



We had began the party a day ago though, the whole idea behind Kelele was a three day party to usher in the New Years, on an island that has cleansing environment and aura, to bring us lightly and peacefully into the New Year. A very hippie concept you might see, but actually therapeutically healing and relieving for the human body. The future, of where more festivals globally will look like. Away from acid trip fiascos, and ectstacy poisoning and overdosing. A calm, buzzing and happening environment, together with people who know how to handle their shit, so to speak. Also featuring new sounds & creative work from a different part of the world, East Africa. From the different artists and new flavors coming out, from very under-rated countries when it comes to the creative industry.


The most memorable moment music wise, I’d often spend wandering on the shores of the lake, that were directly adjacent to the DJ booth and booming sound system. Like when, soul singer & acoustic fantasy, Body of Brian was singing on just , the way basic life experiences are not only humorous but captivating, often mean something.

Or like, the day we arrived and Jinku (who recently got featured on Fader for his EP, Amadeyo, also a part of music/art collective, EA wave) played some nasty bassy tunes, for our arrival night, on the island, Bulago.

But let me take you back to the environment, for a minute. Bulago isn’t just a private island, detached from the lives of ordinary Ugandans. There was back doo forest that let to a little town/village, within the forest on the island. The air is alive with harmless insects and buzzing with sounds of life from the ground, and birds of all kinds, the most frequent on the island area being Fish Eagles and White Herons. Always leaving a trail of feathers amongst the lush grass, sand and stone of the islands, landscape.

All this , coupled with the amazing food service and prices from the Island hosts, 1 minute South & Yujo Japanese Restaurant, where we had amazing teriyaki chicken and beef, with divine rice and sauces. Even teriyaki chicken burgers. Was absolutely delicious.

So if you’re looking for a new, New Year’s plan, you might want it on private island, where you can camp with friends, and fade away into the sunset. Think about it!

For more details on Bulago Island, and Village Hut events, follow the hyperlinked, links. Photos Courtesy of: Phoebe Batchelor Photography & One Minute South.12507291_433721690155410_4004429167446454303_n-300x200


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